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Is he like the crazy uncle? So yeah, absolutely. Is Two going to have a love interest this season? Yes, but not in ass way people would expect. I think, largely, Two has been dealing with some leadership issues this season, I would say. And by issues I don't mean difficulty with people following her lead, but I mean difficulty with stepping up to that plate because of how awry every decisions she has made have gone. It's consistently, [laughs] no pun intended, blown up in her face.

So Neil think that's one of the bigger themes she wrestles with this season, and she always kind of had the weight of melissa world on her shoulders. So I don't know if there's room for that for Two We'll probably see a little bit of that, but I wouldn't say that it's a huge thread through season three, no. Last season we had some new members of the crew, but they are gone.

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Are we going to get some new cast members that will maybe add to the Raza crew again? We definitely see some new faces, and they bring a different energy. Whether they join the crew or not [I can't say], but the universe the crew is living in allows them a way to fit jenilee harrison nude photos the stories and interact with them, and they bring something new.

I think that in melissa three we've got quite a bit of levity. A couple of the new characters really represent that shift in tone. You know, the first two season were a bit more dark a bit more dramatic, and while we still have those tones in ass third season, I think that the neil have allowed themselves a bit of room to play a little bit.

And I haven't seen the episodes; we always see them for the first time with the audience, but I think that they're really going to go over well. And I think the writers also found that they enjoyed writing it, and they're pretty good at it. There were times where we had a couple teachear xnxx scripts that I couldn't stop laughing, like I was laughing just at the words on the page, before I could even hear other people saying it. So I think it will be refreshing for people to see a bit more of a well-rounded series as far as tone goes for a show.

You know, we've neil got the darkness; we've still got the drama. We've got the fighting; we've got the action, but we've also got a little bit of comedy thrown in there, melissa we've got some cast members that really excel in those genres with regards to integrating that element with their characters.

So I think fans are really going to dig this season. Was it Two? Okay, well they implied it was, will we get ass about that storyline? Yes, you will.

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So sufficed to say that we are going to learn a lot about neil character ass the origin story of the Android, and I think people are going to really love it. We had some scenes before, but are they going to go back into that at all? Yes, definitely in some sense. What would be your ideal alternate universe persona for Two? If you, Melissa, could travel anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why? If the Raza crew ever discovered a planet melissa entirely by kittens, do you think that would be the end of Tumblr bdsm whipping story?

If Two and Alex Rook were alone in a room together, with no one around for miles, how pleasant would the atmosphere be?

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My question Melissa, since you have an amazing singing voice will you ever need this talent in any episodes of Dark Matter? Melissa I have a second question, what was your most favorite scene or episode of Dark Matter? And why? Thx for your time. Look out! For Melissa: What do you want to do next in a few years when Dark Matter is over? Melissa and Joe thanks for doing this for the fans. Hi Melissa!!! Also how is your hair so perfect help a girl out haha. Joe, those barricades should be on a beach in Normandy not in the forests of Canada.

Not a good sign. Definitely a stronghold of some sort. Trying to keep someone or something out! Vaguely reminiscent of Terminus. Melissa, ass in advance for taking time out to answer our burning neil. So many good questions have nigerian naked men been asked.

Han did shoot first. Favorite scene — can be in either Season 1 or 2? Favorite set? Hope all had a great weekend! His dad was the Third Doctor. Awesome stories. Very awesome of you! I was curious as to which you prefer and why? Do you like to or can you not given time constraints ad lib and explore different approaches to scenes where possible? Thank you and best neil on the filming of the rest of the season.

Please tell the rest of mackenzie foy fakes cast and crew that we think they are ALL awesome!! Do you do any of your stunts? Do you have a favorite set? What do you think the significance is to the order the crew woke up? Melissa, Thanks for the great performance you have given us so far, jenna bush topless can hardly wait for the new ass episodes.

I hope the series lasts a long time but worry. But your characters nanites would keep you in shape over a very long lifetime hopefully if you can get past Dr. They did something to your body in episode12? Maybe it can be reversed by replication of sampled nanites preserved from earlier medical biopsies. Speaking of shape are you learning martial arts with Alex Mallari? As a performer you and the rest of the crew must work out ungodly hours and have tight dietary regiment to keep the shape needed for the show.

That would explain melissa well your keeping you figure. I hope to hear you perform a song and dance maybe next season in one of the episodes. Maybe install a holographic room on the ship that lets them recreate various situations as well melissa various crew their various fantasies. Maybe yours that of being in a old fashioned musical. The wizard of OZ anyone?

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One the tin man, Three the cowardly loin. It would give a good ploy for disguising what and who she is on a audible comm link. Anyway It would also make her more tightly one of the crew members verse a piece of the onboard equipment when referenced.

My questions are regarding the renewal of the show. Did you wait on tenterhooks like the rest of us to see if Dark Matter was renewed?

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Do you have to check with anyone before taking another role just in case the neil is renewed and the timings would clash? Did you get an early whisper of renewal and asked to pencil in some dates? In such an ephemeral industry I imagine you cannot pass up work, but shooting a whole season takes a long time. Bdsm creampie imagine incarceration will put a halt to it. Where do you see their relationship headed in Season 2? Does Two get any new weapons? Now that they are off the Raza will any of the characters use their ass names neil than the numbers?

What was your toughest challenge on the show? Wow, melissa posted good questions! The two on the bottom in the case look like the Remington Tactical. I modded mine with a collapsible stock. Do you play games yourself, and if so, what? Hi Melissa, my questions for you are as follows. What was your initial reaction when you found out you got melissa role of TWO? If you could play any other character on the show, who would it be and why? By the way, your doing an amazing job.

She acts, carries herself, and does her job ass like everyone else simply because of the fact that her gender is never really brought up in any way, shape, or form. She contributes just as much as everyone else.

In fact, the best ones usually never even address the issue. Even TV shows know that all that should matter is if you can do the job well. Like a strange situation that results in some sort of weird repressed memory or something? Would you ever like to see TWO dress in colors other than black?

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And want would be her comfort food? Question for Melissa — since we begin season in a prison, will Two get a prison tattoo? Hi Melissa, my name is Jeffrey. I was wondering how much are you looking forward to Season 2 of Dark Matter? How much work did you have to put in when you find out that you are chosen to be part of the Dark Matter cast?

Who is the most hilarious person in the Dark Matter Cast? Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful week. Super late to the party. Sorry, but life turned into a major suck from this point forward.


melissa o neil ass young black tube Latest News. Tonight Syfy's hit series returned for season three with all-new episodes. Season three picks up moments after the station has exploded. And she finds out that Nyx has died after the mission has gone totally awry. And on top of everything, when she left the bridge of the ship, when she left the Raza, she left Nyx kind of in charge to hold down the fort with the Android [Zoie Palmer], and she died because of that.
melissa o neil ass hot naked women mirror pics A couple of questions here. And what the heck are those metal obstructions? Looks like another busy week ahead. Stay tuned to this blog for details! Prepping for scenes- how much time do you spent training for fight scenes?
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