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Thanks goes out to Empathetic-One for his work on this one! Make sure to check out the original, as well as showing him your support at his Patreon! I feel as though Black Cat is often overlooked as is! Check out the original here, and stop by his Patreon!

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I have loved this animation since the day I saw it. I was extremely excited when KDE gave me the okay to do it! Thanks to KawaiiDetectiveEnthusiast for once again collaborating with me. This is definitely not an angle you are used to seeing in VR!

Check out the original, and show KDE some love paheal his Patreon! If you like what you see, and want to see more, consider supporting me at my Patreon! There are polls family guy porn videos month, animations, exclusives, alternate angles, a paheal channel, and even remasters of my older works.

Check it out! Every bit of support ensures that I can continue to churn these out on a daily basis, and hopefully some day make this full time. Thanks to Darsovin for this animation! Great work on his part and par for the course! Check out the original, and show him some love at his Tumblr!

I love how this turned out. Thanks to Blueberg for this gem! His work only gets better with time and experience! Make sure to check out the original, and stop by his Patreon and show your support! Lulu was lulu tough one; it took a lot of work to get the camera angle just right, but it paid off. Thanks to SFMFuntime for the animation work, as well as suggesting it in the first place!

Check out the original, and show him some love at his Patreon!

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Thanks again to Lord Aardvark for this gem! Check out the original, then show Aardvark some love at his Patreon! Thanks to Kaeg for this one! Check out the original had to make some obvious changes for VR and show him some paheal at his Patreon!

Check out the original here, and stop by his Patreon and show him some love! A very big thanks goes out to Beowulf on this one. He gave me a lot of creative liberty so I went all out… and it really paid off!

Make sure to check out the original, and show Beowulf some love lulu his Patreon.

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Thanks goes out to AtelSFM for this animation! But at the very least, enjoy the great animation you did come for the vr animation and not the pic, right? Diana has such a sexy body.

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Can you imagine, though? A physical lulu with anything or anyone? Or that multiple people can enjoy? The sensation of a physically impaired person being able to paheal around? Or just getting stabbed by skeletons in a lost village behind some tombstones. To each their own. Thanks to Empathetic-One! Check out the original, then show him the love! Fatcat has been in the community for a while, but is now off to brighter and better things.

Check out the original animation, and stop by his Tumblr to show him some love! My Patreon for you non-patrons. Working with Lord Aardvark has lulu very exciting for me! As paheal as I saw this post I asked if I could work with him to convert it into VR, and the results are pretty fabulous, to say the least. So a huge thanks to him for working with me on this.

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Who expects them to be selfless. If they believe their worth is how Lulu made a conscious decision to marry him. Why do we not talk about kids. The church is one of those bouncers is my marriage to go paheal such a blessing.

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