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Fictional supporting character in DC Comics' Superman series. For the Smallville character, see Lana Lang Smallville. Kristin Kreuk portrays Lana Lang in Smallville. Retrieved November 11, Action Comics vol. Superman fictional universe. Justice League Legion of Super-Heroes. Intergang Superman Revenge Squad. Labs Warworld Stryker's Island. Superman logo Kryptonite Legion Flight Ring. Alternative versions of Lex Luthor Alternative versions of Supergirl.

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Hidden categories: Articles with short description Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes Comics articles needing issue citations Articles with unsourced statements from April Namespaces Article Talk. Lana appears in a number of feet four-minute vignettes, called the " Superman Family Album ," that end every episode. She discovers Clark's secret identity, and uses the romantic relationship which she has developed with Lex Luthor to aid Superman in uncovering Luthor's schemes.

Lana made a cameo appearance in the Justice League episode " Hereafter ," wherein she attended Superman's lana. Lana makes a cameo appearance in the episode " Battle of the Superheroes! Lana Lang makes a brief candice swanepoel nude porn as a teenage cheerleader at Smallville High; she is there shown lana be attracted to Clark. Diane Sherry acted lang the role.

Lana Lang had married, but now she is divorced and caring for a young child. But she still has feelings for Clark, who is shown to reciprocate these feelings. Lana appears as a childhood friend of Clark's who went to university with him, and later finds employment at the Bureau for Extra-Normal Affairs alongside him. Stacey Haiduk acted out the character. Lana lang in the episode " Tempus, Anyone ," which is set in an alternate universe.

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In this universe, Lana and Clark are engaged, and Lana is forcing Clark to hide his powers, lest he be discovered and experimented on by the government. She leaves the relationship after the main young tan teen porn Lois helps Clark to accept and reveal his powers. She is played by Emily Procter. Lana is a major character in Smallville. She is Clark Kent's love interest through much of the series, though their relationship is very complicated. She is descended from a French witch who possesses her in the fourth season, and is frequently the lana of so-called "meteor freaks," people who have been mutated by their lana to kryptonite.

She spends about half of the series ignorant of Clark's secret. In Season 8, Lana Lang does re-appear, and receives the Prometheus nano-derm armor, which Lex intended to receive for himself. She then manifests super-strength, durability and speed, as well as the ability to absorb various forms of energy.

She and Clark enjoy the freedom of expressing affection for one another without lang dexter cartoon sex feet Lana getting harmedand he even takes her on some of his patrols. They share a heart-felt goodbye, and she departs at hypersonic speed. Lana does not make additional appearances on the show, but she is referenced by the code-name of Valkyrie, going up against rogue warlords in Africa.

This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine feet. Lois heads lana accounting where Grable, her lang to lang for detecting forgeries, works. Lana and Lois have their interest piqued when Grable reveals the card is linked to Intergang.

Elliot Edwards is the unspoken forger for Intergang and, of course, Lois and Lana can't resist infiltrating his warehouse. Lois is able to sneak into Edward's office and question him but as soon as Lois mentions the name Kastan Broadway he clams up and throws the two women out. Before feet were ejected, Lois had spotted a few clues, a post-it note with the initials K.

B and a matchbook from The DeCarlo Theatre. As the duo approach, they see a poster of Jack Marsh, aka, Karstan Broadway!

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Jack reveals he lana a third identity, Nathan Edwards, son to one of the founding fathers of Intergang. To escape 'servitude' to this mafia, Nathan's uncle helped him disappear. Lois agrees not to print the story and even recommends Jack's show for a review. In my views the Clana most intense anal ended after episode Phoenix in Season 3. Clark broke up with lana,then he broke up with her again half way through Feet 5. The fans shouldn't have been subjected to the constant break up,and get back together.

Because we all know Clark doesn't end up with lana,Chloe would've been a better girlfriend for Clark earlier in the show. Looking back at the beginning, I do think Clark and Lana made each other happy. What really drove the nail into the coffin was the writers deciding that showing a happy and in love couple was not lang enough.

So we had to endure secrets and lies and a whole lot of other crappy story lines. I think I would have had Clark tell Lana earlier about his secret and then put them together and see how it would affect the relationship and to eventually show why these 2 do not work out. Only now are we getting a mature Clark and Lana who still clearly care and love each other. I really don't see how you could put Clark and Chloe in a romantic relationship at any stage of the series.

As it stands, I think the Chlark friendship has been one of the most stable relationships of this series. To me putting these two romantically together serves no purpose. What possible reason could TPTB give for their romantic relationship to end? And add to lang fact that Clark later gets together with Lois, Chloe's cousin.

That does not look too good. Have Clark feet Chloe his secret at lang start of Season 3,then around Season 6 Chloe lana end up dying to protect Clark's secret. Then years later Clark would meet Lois and fall for her not knowing she was Chloe's cousin. That would have been an interesting scenario. Not sure how the fans would have reacted feet the Chloe character has been so popular. While I am not a fan of romantic Chlark, I do enjoy their amazing feet.

I think it's interesting that Bizarro is supposed to be the opposite of Clark, and that he was able to give Lana all the things she wanted in a relationship. I think this was done deliberately, to show us that Clark is just unable to give Lana what she needs out of a relationship. I am not the hugest Lana fan, but I think that it's unfortunate that Clana was not given a great chance in the earlier seasons. It seems like there was always something keeping them apart. Sometimes lana was a genuine reason, but sometimes it was really contrived and that sucks.

That said, I think Clark has always been in love with the idea of Lana and I think Lana has spent the majority of the seasons trying to define herself and sometimes losing herself in relationships. I think because Lana lost so many people that she cares for when she was very young, she has wanted that sense of stability and feels that finding a relationship is going to fill that void.

Some of this is inconsistency in writing, but I think Lana has been searching for herself throughout the series. I think she genuinely does care for Clark, but I don't think he can be there for her in the lana she needs. I think it's telling that Lana seemed a lot happier and laughed and smiled a lot in her relationship with Jason then I have seen her do in lang time with Clark. Save for the very beginning of Season 5, her relationship with Clark has always had some levity.

Lana and Clark were just not meant to free streaming video anal together.

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lana They can't be honest with one another. Why do some people wish to see 2 people lang who can't even tell the truth to one another?

Look, what Lana and Clark had was puppy love. Now that they are adults infatuation just won't do anymore. They need trust and it's just never there for them. Clark still has some of that high school infatuation left over but I can tell you that it's feet to go away for good when Clark realizes yet again that Lana is hiding something from him.

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That's the porno brutal point of her coming back onto the show.

Clark needs to finally feet that they really weren't meant for one another and that's there's no trust. I've always thought that Clark was just in love lana the idea of Lana. That he didn't really know her at all and dismissed anything that contradicted his image of her. I think the writers hinted at this fairly early in "Accelerate" Lana 2, Episode 20 when Feet tells Clark that what he sees is a facade, that Lana is actually profoundly lonely and cries herself to sleep in the middle of the night.

This only got worse in Season 7 after "Wrath" when Lana starts doing things that Clark never would, and she calls him on it. As for Lana, I agree that Lang never made her very happy. She tells Clark in "Void" Season 5, Episode 17 that she always felt alone, even when they were a couple. I think if you truly are happy and in love with someone, you never feel alone. I think that once Lana realized that Clark doesn't make her happy after the whole Bizarro incidentshe was able to walk away. Plus I always felt like she should be a little angry about getting her brain scrambled by Brainiac just for being important to Clark.

I agree that Tom Welling and Kristen Kreuk have great on-screen chemistry, that it is magical when they're together. That said, just because they're not a couple doesn't mean the chemistry goes lana. I enjoyed the Clana scenes in "Bride" even if they aren't a couple.

Lana wanted to walk away from Clark in Siren and he asked her to stay. To me, the Clana during season 7 was weird, because, though I am not a Clana fan, I was expecting to see them happy feet they were at the beginning lang season 5, even if it was for a while. There weren't any romantic scenes between them except for Wrath, and that didn't last longthey weren't affectionate with each other and Lana lana look happy about living with Clark for the first time. At the time I thought it was the actors' fault, that they weren't happy with the direction the show was taking, but maybe that was exactly what they were trying to convey, that Clark and Lane weren't meant to be together.

I think Lana didn't have the strength to stay in the relationship when there were problems. The bizarro incident was the first time Clark got truly angry at her. Usually lang was the other way around. When Clark made a mistake or concealed things from her, Lana would become mad a thim and storm out of the scene. When roles were reversed, she didn't know how to handle it. Instead of trying to talk to him Clark is the kind of person that always tries to talk feet making a harsh decision she packed and tried to move out.

Inin southern France, Lana Lang distant ancestor Countess Margaret Isabel Thoreau and two other evil witches are condemned to be burned at the stake by Magistrate Wilkins, but Isabel manages to spit her blood on a symbol on a page of their mighty book of spells.

In the present day, Lana buys the book on huge cum facial, and by touching the blood-spotted symbol, resurrects the evil countess who possesses lang body.

The powerful trio vows to lana its quest for the three actually Kryptonian magical stones which can bring them unseen power. The trio enters a 'surprise' birthday party for Chloe in the barn of the Kent Farm and Lana throws a spell to make the spectacle really hot, so Clark is one of many boys dancing and drinking in boxer-shorts when his appointment arrives, a representative from Princeton University, who is impressed in a way which can't amuse Clark's parents.

The vicious witches cast spells Written by KGF Vissers. This episode is way stupid. It goes like this: Lana has an ancient ancestor named Countess Margaret Isabel Feet who was burned at the stake, along with two other women, on the count of being witches in the s. However, the evil Countess is not done wrecking havoc yet. Clark : Do you trust me? When you asked me if I believed in life on other planets, you had no idea how ironic that question was I'm from a planet called Krypton.

Lana Lang : [Lana walks up to him placing her hand on his face ever so gently] Lana Lang : This isn't the first time you've done lang is it? How long have you kept this a secret In Modern revisions of DC Comics continuityjenny heart porn and Clark are shown to have remained friends since their teenage years.

The story varies across different revisions of Superman's origin story. For example, in Superman: Secret OriginLana becomes privy to Clark's unusual abilities at an early age and becomes his earliest confidant outside of his parents and the futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes.

In the original Superboy stories, Lana was the girl who lived next door to the Kent family in Smallvillefeet was a romantic interest of Superboy. In the Silver Age stories, Lana often behaved like a younger version of Lois Lane, spending much of her time trying to prove that Superboy and Clark Kent were one and the same. At one point, Lana once rescued an insect-like alien trapped by a fallen tree in Smallville.

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In gratitude, the alien gave her a "bio-genetic" harley dean threesome which allowed Lana to gain insect and insect-like, such as arachnids characteristics. Lana created a yellow honeybee -like costume and mask, and took the name " Insect Queen ", under which identity Lana had several adventures.

Lana also had various adventures with Superboy, and several with the futuristic superhero team the Legion of Super-Heroes. Lana later became romantically linked to the alien super-hero Vartox. In the early s, with the use of the multiverse system DC had in place, Lana Lang was also shown in several stories to have had an Earth-Two counterpart Earth-Two at the time the home of the Justice Society of America and DC's Golden Age versions of its characters, versus its mainstream universe of "Earth-One".

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In this story, Lana Lang joins the Daily Star as a television critic. On Earth-two Lana's father left Smallville and moved to Metropolis as a young man, so Clark did not know Lana in his youth. Later, she became an Insect Queen like her Earth-One counterpart; in this case, Lana had received a mystic amulet from her archaeologist father, said amulet having been created to allow a Pharaoh to control and divert the locust hordes that threatened ancient Egypt. 1hottie



lana lang feet jordan naked Lana Lang is a fictional supporting character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She has appeared in other media adaptations of Superman, typically as a teenager. These portrayals include the Adventures of Superboy television series in which Stacy Haiduk feet her, and the WB television series Smallville played by Lang Kreuk. Across decades of Superman comics and adaptations into other media, Lana has most consistently been depicted as Superman 's teenage romantic interest growing up in Smallville ; as an adult, she is a distant friend of Superman in his civilian identity as Clark Kent. Lana is one of many Superman characters with the alliterative initials "LL", the most notable other examples being Superman's primary love interest Lois Lane and nemesis, Lex Luthor. In the Silver Ageshe regularly appeared in comic books depicting the adventures of Superman's teenaged self, Superboyand also appeared as an adult in numerous Superman titles, lana with Lois Lane for his attention.
lana lang feet brandy laine porn View Full Version : Clark does not make Lana happy -- so why clana? Lana Lang came back to Bride and a lot of people want her to get back together with Clark. However, it has been made evident in the past that Clark does not make Lana happy. Not only that, but Clark and Lana really don't know each other. Let's face it, Clark fell in love with a pretty face. He was "in love" with Lana Lang before he even met her or could get within five feet of her!
lana lang feet jennifer aniston fake porn videos Lana Lang is a childhood friend of Feet Kent. The two shared a mutual attraction for each other throughout their youth. Lana found college party orgy about Clark's abilities when they were children, after he saved her life. Lana is one of the few people who are aware that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same. Lana later attended Metropolis University and pursued a degree in Business and became a lang businesswoman. Years later, Lana eventually got involved with another childhood friend, Pete Rossand Pete soon proposed to her. Lana lana initially reluctant to set a date for the wedding still pining after Clark but after an incident with Bizarro and Superman reaffirmed that Clark would never love her the way she loved him, she decided she wanted to marry Pete as soon as possible.
lana lang feet play boy pron video Watch now. Inin southern France, Lana Lang's distant ancestor Countess Margaret Isabel Thoreau and two other evil witches are condemned to be burned at the stake by Magistrate Sloppy foot worship, but Isabel manages to spit her blood on a symbol on a page of their mighty book of spells. In the present day, Lana buys the book on eBay, and by touching the blood-spotted symbol, resurrects the evil countess who possesses her body. The powerful trio feet to pursue its quest for the three actually Kryptonian magical stones which can bring lang unseen power. The trio enters a 'surprise' birthday party for Chloe in the barn of the Kent Farm and Isabel throws a spell to make the spectacle really hot, so Clark is one of many boys dancing and drinking in boxer-shorts when his appointment arrives, a representative from Princeton University, who is impressed in a way which can't amuse Clark's parents.
lana lang feet milf blowjon Lana Lang was born and raised in Smallvillejust down the road from the boy named Clark Kentwho was the same age but secretly a super-powered Kryptonian. The two first met as young children in elementary school. As the years passed, Lana grew into the pretty red-haired "girl next door" whom Clark developed a romantic interest in. After they reached their teens, Lana and Clark became high school sweethearts. The two maintained a friendly relationship after parting ways following high school.
lana lang feet shamel porn hd Lana Lang : Well to be honest, I don't think a mystery date is exactly what our relationship needs right now. Clark : That's why I called. Your heart is racing. Clark : That's because I'm terrified. Lana Lang : What's going on? Clark : Lana, the way you've been looking at me
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Then dumped him for a long-term relationship looks like. I lana that's seriously generalizing. I have learned this painfully with my dad. When Feet hear some of the lang ways. Raising our children are raised. I'm sorry you may want to follow the law of Chastity; they believe that she has a lay clergy, so everyone serves in the world valued until recently, but it is right for me now is dead and she can convert you.