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Because real rock stars are more like feral, narcissistic animals than functioning members of society snow that is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining.

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- Nerd Chronic Weekly News: Imon Snow, Disney +, Star Wars

I don't think so. There are a lot because there is a target for that audience, if they don't watch what you make, that's it. They wouldn't watch it if there wasn't this or imon reaction video, you can blame the algorithm as someone else said, but not their video. By using your logic, every video that is not within your genre or videos from a genre that rise in number too fast will always be wrong.

Your argument falls in the false dilemma category. Those who go to YouTube don't have only two options: your videos or reaction videos. I watch a lot of these "reaction" channels and I disagree. Kinda like how it used to be for me showing a friend something I like and then seeing their reaction. Of course I don't mind rewatching a show or something I already seen, since it's mostly stuff I enjoyed but for when do you start growing facial hair the value is in the reaction itself.

The content is the bonus. Also this might be different on the types of reactions and the persons effort but the ones I watch usually genuinely like the stuff they are watching snow if something is blocked due to copyright for example they'd go out of their way to upload to alternate sources which won't give them money, eg google drive.

Not all reactions channels are cancers and not everyone who watches them just wants to see the content that is reacted to, that's an ignorant -and false- opinion. What you are saying is a complete fallacy, if people want to watch reaction imon they're gonna do that. The thing that can artificially syphon viewers away to specific types of videos is the website's recommendation and front page algorithms.

That is snow your criticism should be focused. This reminds me a lot of the types of comments people had about let's play channels a few years ago, emotional ignorant overreaction.

There are lazy reaction channels and there are good ones, just like absolutely everything else on the website.

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Good reaction channels? I vaguely remember idubbbz talking shit about people who think they "react good" in one of his vids. I do agree tho, people will watch what they want to watch. Youtube URL 6 :.

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imon snow naked girl jogging gif Imon is a rising Imon creator primarily focusing in reactions on her Youtube channel. This episode is extra special because this is also the first on video interview for the snow. You can find it on our Youtube page, Youtube. Also please check out Imon's Youtube page while you're at it! We sit down and talk about her channel, her work, her life and get into what makes her tick. It's a fun and informative discussion and I hope to have her back some day! Your Library Podcasts News.
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imon snow bad girls club pussy Please read the rules before posting, or posts may be removed. Never give out personal information ; it shouldn't be asked for here. All these "Reaction" channels are ruining Youtube and demotivating content creators. Almost everyone with a computer, webcam, shitty mic are snow their youtube channel and watching content which they upload. Many people instead of watching or searching for good content imon watch these videos instead.