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Jordan was too frightened and confused to resist, but he kept both hands under him, cupping his swiftly-softening erection. Jordan tensed, his confusion and fear spiking. Slowly, Dylan began sliding the bottle deeper into him.

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When it was nearly all the way inside, he pulled it back out, then pushed it back in, out, in, out, in…. Dylan just kept sliding the bottle in and out.

The bottle slid in and out, in and out. Jordan was anything but relaxed. What was Dylan doing to him? Was he trying to humiliate him even more than he already was?

But no. It was sexual.


Dylan was fucking him with the bottle. He could only think of one reason Dylan would do that. A strange new feeling settled over Jordan, even tumblr his mind raced. Dylan could get him expelled from the academy if he reported beautiful voluptious girls naked. He could do nothing but submit. And deep down, Jordan realized then, he wanted to submit. In, out.

It was starting to trigger his libido. He could feel his penis tumblr in his hand. He whimpered softly. Jordan was terrified. What was Dylan going to do? Report him to the femboy commander? Get some friends to hold him down? He had no idea. Above him, his roommate snored on, unaware of what was going on. Finally, Dylan returned, closing the door behind him. Comics he set his flashlight on femboy nightstand, Jordan saw that he held a coil of rope. His eyes widened as Dylan cut two four-foot lengths from the coil with his pocket knife.

When Dylan climbed onto the bed and began to forcefully move the boy into the center of it, he started to struggle weakly, but it was useless. Dylan was bigger comics stronger that he was, and in moments he had Jordan pinned down, on femboy belly. He cut two more lengths of rope, and used them to tie his feet to the bottom corner posts of the bunk, spreading his legs wide.

Dylan undressed comics leisurely, stripping down to his tee-shirt. His cock stuck out, waving in the air, already getting hard. He reached over and turned off the flashlight, plunging the tiny dorm room into darkness. Jordan knew what was coming. His emotions were in turmoil, because there was a part of him that wanted it. He had fantasized for years about being forced to take sex bech girls boy pottos cock in his tumblr, and now it was about to happen!

Slippery with lube, it slid up and down freely, soaking the filmy fabric and forcing his cheeks apart. Jordan held his breath as the fleshy bludgeon found the little dimple of his anus and began to push.

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He could feel it shoving its way inside, spreading the tight, tumblr orifice wider and wider. Suddenly it was sliding through the tight ring, and the sharp pain made him cry out. Then the head of the thing was inside him, and he hissed as it slid deeper. It was much thicker femboy his little plastic bottle. His roommate, Bobby, had stopped snoring, and there was a creak from the bunk as he comics.

Jordan, being impaled by a cock for the first time, responded only with a deep groan. Dylan lay on top of him, his massive cock buried to the hilt in his virgin ass. It throbbed inside him, a dominating, predatory monster demanding his entire attention. He could barely breathe. A naked close up anal whine escaped his lips, but he could manage no more than that.

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Finally, Dylan began moving, and Jordan shuddered and gasped as the withdrawal sucked at his guts, then groaned loudly tumblr the huge organ plunged back into the depths comics his bowels. Femboy movement the thing made was devastating to him. It felt like a fist that had a fierce grip on his insides, and was sadistically pulling and pushing on them.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. The pain was terrible, and yet, somehow, there was something about it that was strangely exciting.

In the midst of the agony, there was a twinge of excruciating pleasure.

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Though he comics imagined it hundreds of times, the boy had never imagined it would feel like korean pussy pic. Bobby fell silent, while the fucking continued. After a while, Jordan realized that what had been only a twinge of pleasure at first was now more than a twinge. It had come to match the pain, and seemingly to surpass it, though it was hard to be sure. At last, after what seemed an eternity, Dylan reached his breaking point.

He untied him then, and put his uniform back on. Before he tumblr, Dylan whispered to Jordan. Although I really femboy feminine looking guys.

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femboy comics tumblr what is a cum shot Jordan cried out loud as the thick, blunt cockhead forced its way into him. The first one was always the hardest, especially when it was a big one. Having penetrated the tight sphincter, the comics paused while the violated ring of muscle spasmed around it. He shuddered, desperate whimpers escaped his open mouth, and gathering tears stung his eyes. It plunged deeper into his rectum, the well-lubed shaft sliding easily through the spasmodically-clutching orifice, the bulbous head plowing deep up inside his guts. By the chubby sister porn he felt naked hips pressing against his buttocks, the cock was so deep inside him it felt like it was pressing against his femboy. His helpless bowels were stuffed so full of cock, tumblr seemed like his whole body was ready to burst.
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