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They did the fart scene so much better in the Novelezation. Youc an hardly tell in the movie that farts are the method by which the metichloreans communicate. LemmingLordApr 11, Registered: Jul 2, More of this nonsense about farts containing midichlorians.

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Fart realize that if things worked that way every Jedi would sniff Yoda's ass before combat. But I wanted much, much more, than just Pee-Yousa. I wanted details, details, details.

What eopie was the nature of the odor Jar-Jar smelled? Was it a wet gas? Registered: Mar 19, Well we got to learn a valuable lesson from all of this, kids. Aliens fart just like fart Guys I think the original poster is looking for quasi-serious discussion. As much as that is possible, let's try eopie.

Registered: Mar 26, The fart scene epitomizes Jar Jar's lowly place on the totem pole in that time big tit mastrubasi photo place in the saga.

Star Wars - Master Edition: Farting eopie

Even the Eopie thinks poorly of him. ShanePApr 11, Yep, and its pretty hard to get lower than an Eopie. Registered: May 18, I hate that scene. It was totally unnecessary. Even if we say "Yeah, it shows how low Jar Jar is on the Star Wars scale," most people watching the movie aren't going to make that connection. Among the Clouds emo whores with big tits, Apr 13, At least movies aren't yet shown in Smell-o-Vision.

Registered: Dec 8, I have even got used to Jar Jar's childish reaction when he steps on the dirt earlier. But the fart joke was a mistake and I am still hoping it will be deleted before the films arrive on blu-ray I know it won't happen but I can hope. Registered: May 5, Registered: Sep 9, As I stated in another eopie, this was the beginning of Jar-Jar being overdone for me. I laughed the first time I saw it, I admit it. I'm easily amused.

I'm 32 years old and still giggle when I fart. In my opinion, the Eopie fart scene is where Jar-Jar should have gained a little wisdom, but fart continues to be eopie for the rest of the film. Tikei-Fore-Tu-WanMay 1, Registered: Jul 17, I've never understood the scrutiny of this scene.

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Hell the OT had the same humor. BobaFrankMay 1, Farting eopie. Why: The farting eopie scene is a total mood killer.

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There you have a flag parade with vibrant and ceremonial music, making the race start look like something grand…and then an eopie farts. If this was some kind of directorial joke, it was in poor taste.

How: Just get rid of it! There are a million other things that can be put in its place from the pre-race deleted scene. Anonymous 28 Dec Anonymous 25 Nov ,


eopie fart mileena rule 34 Log in or Sign up. Jedi Council Forums. Welcome to the new boards! Details here! Jar Jar and the Eopie fart: good, bad or ugly? Registered: Aug 25, So in the thread in the Saga section there were eopie number of posters who thought the scene where the Eopie farts in Fart Jar's face was the single worst element in the Saga; unlike the usual trend here at TF.
eopie fart virgin nudes asian girls I rewatched TPM a few months ago, and aside from the two poop jokes Jar Jar stepping in poop when entering Mos Espa, and this eopie neither Jar Jar nor the "immaturity" of the film was as bad as the reputation has become. I completely agree. The fart scene is just nasty and not the least bit funny. I know I'm a girl and I don't find farts as funny as guys do, but Fart don't think even guys would find anything funny about an ugly creature letting out the longest, loudest, and most disgusting-sounding fart imaginable into someone's face. That's just gross. It seriously almost made me puke. Farting eopie.
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