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The common denominator seemed, at first, to be the quest for a radical renewal. Everyone agreed that the struggle was directed against baroque in its many ramifications. The aim was the destruction of the baroque painting, of morphoplasticism, of the curve, precisely because it was unable to express the new spirit of our epoch and embody the idea of a new spiritual and manly culture The brown aincest com had to be replaced by a white one.

In these two notions of colour the entire difference between the old and the new was contained. The brown world found its expression in lyricism, vagueness and sentimentality, up to the ultimate limit marked by Cubism. At the very moment that the most radical artists working in Holland had isolated themselves.

Out of this common need for clarity, for certainty and for orderI founded the periodical De Stijl. The new principles were first realized in painting and naked skiny black girls first numbers of De Stijl show the results as well as the proof of a complete unanimity.

Van der Leck's works are closely related to this pictorial scheme. The different influences on the result will be examined later on by considering the share, each of the painters contributed through his origin and the history of his achievements. The painters had come to a new type of painting by an absolute exclusion of subject matter and the destijl use of primary plastic elements; the architects simultaneously endeavoured to realize the same principles.

Rectilinear and rectangular of composition, this sketch arrives at an architectural solution, inspired by the same quest for clarity and order. It is based, as are the contemporary paintings, on the plastic element and nothing else. Rule tradition of the historic styles, still surreptitiously present in Berlage's work, is completely abolished and all individual expression has been suppressed.

This project, in its ultimate purity, was not built, but it might just as well not have been designed for building but merely in order to destijl the architectural scope. In both buildings, part af the interior decoration was entrusted to Van Doesburg. He broke with the principle of interior decoration and designed the objects in his rule f.

By the clear division of work between the architect and the painter - according to Adult porn humour der Leck's claims, published in De StijlI, p. Van der Leck had, in the same year, designed the furniture for a living room and Huszar did so soon afterwards. All these efforts were directed towards the same goal: the unity of the independent branches of plastic art, every one of these to rely entirely on its own elementary means of expression. By this concert. Sculpture destijl its share by the work of Georges Vantongerloo.

Apart from the creative activity of this year, the theoretical side must not be neglected. Waltman The new movement in the art of painting and Mondriaan started the publication of his ideas in De Stijl. In it, he develops a far-reaching view on life and on the universe, the significance of which we will examine rule.

This year brings about the consolidation of the group together with the elaboration of its ideas.

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By working there had been created not only a clarity in the collective consciousness of our group, but we had gained a certainty, which made it possible for us destijl define our collective attitude towards life and to perpetrate it according to the requirements of the period As the world war was coming to an end, we all came to feel the need of securing an interest in our efforts beyond the narrow boundaries of Holland.

Huszar develops a form of composition Rule StijlII, vanessa hudgens fake nude pics. As the changes in the direction of the research, and above all things the important participation of architects, did not agree with Van der Leck's views, he left the group and from then on continued his researches on his own.

Rule compositions rule show clearly, how he succeeded in consistently developing his striving for an objective way of expression nos. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar. Klaarhamer for the stand of Messrs. Bruynzeel at the Utrecht fair in the same year. Levende kunst, year II, nr. Architecture presents another aspect in this year.

Oud designs a complex of standardised houses and in consequence of his appointment as city architect of Rotterdam, prepares the plan for a block of houses at Rotterdam, block nr. I of the Spangen settlement, which plan was executed destijl the course of the same year.

The result De StijlII, pl. The then prevailing horizontalism was now changed into an interplay of vertical and horizontal movements, with the chimney as most important vertical destijl and the lines of the cornice as its horizontal counterbalance.

In any case, the building strives after the perfection of Oud's boulevard project - though the latter design should not be compared with an executed building. The old is connected with the individual. The new is connected with the universal.

The struggle of the individual against the universal is revealing itself in the world war as well as in the art of the present day.

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The reaction was not long in arriving: very soon after the Armistice Van Doesburg was destijl to take up contact with artists in other countries. Thus he realized his ideas of and earlier, namely to create a truly international movement in brandi love freeones art, which was not hampered by any individual limitations, not even rule ones.

The importance of these facts will have to be examined later on, when rule will endeavour to draw conclusions from them. For De Stijl as a whole, the echo's and repercussions of the manifesto now become obvious. The contents of the periodical become more and more international and contacts with rule countries are soon established; Van.

Doesburg endeavours destijl link up with groups of artists abroad; he gets in touch with French, Italian, German, Belgian artists and does his utmost to establish contact with the artists of the young Soviet Republic. In painting, Van Doesburg and Mondriaan both pass through a short phase during kajal agarwal sexy bikini they divide their canvases into a system of squares, mathematically established.

The colouring is in a less primary scale and lacks some of the splendour of the works of previous years. The type of composition and the colour scheme may perhaps be explained by Van Doesburg's experiments with stained glass, a technique practised by him in that year and of which his paintings of are somewhat reminiscent. Huszar in the same year designs stained glass as well - a finished specimen of white glass in different types rule shades is still extant.

The year is important for architecture as well. The collaboration and the drive towards unity of the arts had gone a step further through Rietveld's inclusion. On the theoretical side of the movement, Mondriaan's articles in De Stijl are of the highest importance.

Mondriaan, on his return to Paris in the first half of the year, keeps in touch only by frequent letters to the remainder of the group. He destijl Belgium and Germany and sets up a series of personal contacts, chiefly among architects.

At the same time, criticism in Holland is very. It is all right that way. In complete opposition to our direction. Otherwise we would have nothing to do. Boy sex short movies got another impression from your letter, but it is much better this way. It must be examined in connection with Mondriaan's other articles and with the general opinions of the group. The artistic evolution of the group continues steadily.

Van Doesburg devotes most of this year's activity to architecture: in collaboration with the architect De Boer he builds a series of workmen's dwellings and schools at Drachten in destijl province of Friesland. Oud builds the blocks of the Tusschendijken settlement at Rotterdam which have since then been destroyed by the war and designs a small warehouse De StijlIII, pl. The architects Wils and Van 't Hoff, from this year on, are slightly aloof from the other members of the group.

The main accent of the yearthough, is De Stijl's contact with literature. The word is dead. The manifesto shows the influence of the Dada-movement, which had brought new life to Van Doesburg's literary experiments. After having written poems in a new style inspired by Marinetti as early as inVan Doesburg returns to poetry in Under the pseudonym of I.

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Bonset he publishes his X-beelden X-Images in the third set of De Stijlas well as fragments of his novel Het andere gezicht The other face. In this way Dadaism will create new, supersensual rules. It is no accident that the two diametrically opposed tendencies, neo-plasticism and dadaism now surrealism formed a parallel: the creative art of the word. The interest in the art of the word is a proof of the universal interestedness of De Stijl and it is not without importance for its further history, were it only as a balance.

Van Doesburg's contact with the German architects in the previous year now yielded results. And the spirit of opposition and radicalism remained dominant. This is the famous academy, which now has the most modern teachers! I have talked to the pupils every evening and I have infused the poison of the new spirit everywhere. De Stijl will soon be published again and more radically. I have mountains of strength, and I know now that our notions will be victorious over everyone and everything. In that year the Dutchman Theo van Doesburg came to Weimar as our guest.

Rule activities were devoted to the new way of expression, which he brought in his work as a stimulus. Through his periodical De Stijl He zealously propagated the best foreign artists, who have acknowledged the expression of new spirit.

His lectures illustrated with slides stimulated the younger generation which at that time was assembled at the Weimar Bauhaus. Many pupils accepted the doctrine destijl the new expression, which has its master in Van Doesburg. I have been an enthousiastic pupil of this master and I honour him as the herald and pathfinder of the new era.

In the discussions with Richter about the new form of expression developed by him. Meanwhile, the activities of the other members developed still further.

Mondriaan's mature style arrived at its full ripeness during this year. In the years to come, Mondriaan only perfected and purified this method, not adding any new features until The architectural side of the movement is less active in this year; both Oud and Wils rule busy with projects for large settlements. Oud's important architectural programme published in his Bauhausbuch - dates from this year. Vantongerloo, the sculptor of destijl movement, has gone back to Belgium and best squrti sex positions to the South of Destijl, and has somewhat drifted away from the group.

But literature is even more important than the year before. There are several contributions from German dadaist authors, an important share is that of Van Doesburg's second ego, Bonset and, by a splendid mystification, he has even rule a third, the Italian author Aldo Camini, whom he presents in De Stijl with a short introduction, brilliantly written De Stijl IV, p. Bonset and Kok publish poetry, Bonset's Letterklankbeelden are an entirely new form of musical poetry; Camini publishes a novel.

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If you happen to have a spiritual dadaist piece, do send it to me for this bulletin. But in general, the fourth annual set of De Stijl is characterized by a new interest in modern technique, in the work of the engineer. After four years of constructive work and after many sacrifices by its members - and especially by Van Doesburg who cared for the regular publication rule the periodical and paid all destijl expenses - the fifth year of De Stijl brings a consolidation of ideas and activities. The facts confirm Van Doesburg's ideal.

Van Doesburg, during rule period, concentrates less on the plastic arts, as he is entirely absorbed by his literary research. Both he and Schwitters recited poems, with Mrs.

Petro van Doesburg giving piano rule julie meadows porn contemporary music. He furthermore holds a series of lectures at the Weimar Bauhaus. Anyhow, the last months of the year bring up a renewal of his architectural researches, which were furthered by the fact that he was joined by Van Eesteren, a young Dutch architect who had just won his Prix de Rome but had gone over entirely to modern conceptions. In Paris, Mondriaan elaborates his style, attaining even greater maturity.

At the same time he completes his universal conception of neo-plasticism by dealing with the possible consequences and the parallel phenomena of neo-plasticism on the domains of music and architecture. Huszar continues his researches in interior decorating and reaches results in the applied arts: a set of chessmen, designed inis made duringas the interior of a bedroom De Stijl V, p.

Inat the opening of the Bauhaus Oud delivered a lecture stating his artistic principles. In Van Doesburg, Huszar and Schwitters, each painted one room in the apartment of Til Brugman in the Hague - the fourth room was left white - it housed a painting by Mondriaan.

The double issue, nr. Richter's film researches continued and rule publication in De Stijl. The centre of gravity is transferred, infrom Germany to Paris, where Van Doesburg and Mondriaan meet again.

Their place was filled, in the architectural section of the group, by the collaboration of Van Doesburg, Van Eesteren and Rietveld. We have rule the laws of space Now the method of experimentation enters into their system and this new approach is mainly due to Van Eesteren's collaboration with Van Doesburg.

The most important pieces all ill. The destijl axis of the old construction has been destroyed: the house has become an object, one can circle on all sides. This analytical method led destijl new possibilities of construction and to a new ground plan. The house was detached from the soil and the ceiling became a kind of roof-terrace, a second story laid open. At that time these questions were completely novel and no one had considered them as seriously as these young Dutch architects and painters did.

The results of this analytical method were not only manifested at the Paris exhibition. While Van Doesburg and Van Eesteren worked in Paris, Rietveld executed several works in Holland which expressed the same spirit: the interior decoration and the furniture of a doctor's house at Maarssen ill.

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biggest black clit The date of the birth of De Stijl has been established exactly. The introduction to the first number of the periodical, written by Van Doesburg, bears the date June 16th, Oud and the poet A. It wishes to make modern man aware of the new ideas that have sprung up in the Plastic Arts. It wants to combine in itself the present-day ideas on modern plastic art, ideas which, though rule the same, have been destijl individually and independently When the new ideas on modern plastic beauty do not seem to penetrate the general public, it becomes the task of the expert to awaken the layman's sense of beauty. The really modern, i.
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