Sodom sluts. Light suit didn't protect her from phazon it was the phazon suit who did it only." />

Dark samus vs sa x

I'm sure Dark Samus requires phazon energy to keep itself going. I want this fight to be as even as possible, so they fight at the same place you battled Dark SA for the last time in MP2. I have to go with dark samus. Isnt SA-X not-protected against phazon? Maybe Sa-X can absorb the phazon Dark samus shoots with a charge just like samus does in MP2, then she can just use it against her Nah, dont think so.

There might be a good argument to be made for SA-X, but right now Hung dominant shemale can't think of one.

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I've been trying to make respect threads for Metroid characters, and I'm currently editing my ones for Gorea and Dark Samus. That being said, by feats, armament, firepower, durability, maneuverability, and regenerative ability, Dark Samus appears simply better. She's already one-shotted Samus withother hunters, and while the SA-X is more durable than that version of Samus, it's still a possibility.

Dark Samus routinely makes herself invulnerable for periods of time, and while the SA-X should be capable of causing damage via Screw Attack, her non-Phazon weapons should be mostly ineffective.

Her ability to dodge seems almost nonexistent, while Dark Samus routinely cartwheels, flies, or shields from Samus's offenses.

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Has it ever been officially stated that Dark Samus is, in fact, Metroid Prime? Even if Dark Samus isn't part Metroid, she's samus shown to absorb the life energy of the bounty hunters via what looks like astral projection, so she could simply finish off the SA-X's exposed Core X form via that method. Realistically, the SA-X has almost no chance of putting down Dark Samus for good, though without the outside help of other Phazon sources, the SA-X could leave her opponent incapacitated.

Had to step in and say this. Metroid prime is actually very early in the timeline. Bioforms Scan - Sylux : Skinny young mexican fucked hunter's power suit appears to be based on a federation prototype and possesses extraordinary offensive and defensive capabilities. Sylux's weapon is the Shock Coil, a banned technology that fires charged blasts of high-density neutrinos.

Due to an unresolved flaw, the autocannon can be temporarily disabled by several direct hits to the ship's samus. Bioforms Scan - Lockjaw : Sylux's alternative form, the Lockjaw, may consist of stolen prototype federation technology. It allows the user to transform into two tetracarbon ceramic-alloy blades joined dark by an energy thread. Metroid Prime. Chozo Lore: dark meteor came, casting a dark shadow of debris over the land with the violence of its impact.

But the meteor brought with it corruption. A Great Poison burst forth into the land, clawing at life with such violence that we were ripped from our peaceful state and find ourselves wandering as shadows of the mortal forms we left behind, searching for why we are here. Chozo Lore: "The prophecies tell of the coming of the Worm. Born from parasites, nurtured in a poisoned womb, the Worm grows, devouring from within, until the world begins to rot. The words of the seers have come to pass, for there, in the depths of the world, the ravenous Worm lurks and feeds.

From the stars it came, blighting Tallon with its Great Poison. We can but watch as the Worm grows, watch and wait. Reports indicate that it sensed a large batch of raw Phazon in the lab from within its stasis tank and broke through the glass, using previously unsuspected strength. Besides consuming all of the Phazon, Metroid Prime assimilated several weapons and defense systems from fallen security units.

Space Pirate Data "Impact Crater": Investigations into a possible ingress point for the impact crater continue to meet with failure. The shield of strange energy that protects it is impermeable, and all attempts to tunnel past it have proved fruitless.

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Our continued futility in this matter is dark all the more significant in light of recent life form readings we've discovered emanating from deep within the crater. Classic Metroid enemy Kraid was planned to be in Metroid Prime". Generation N. In the Magazine Z serialized Metroid MangaSpace Pirates weren't originally from Zebes, and after attacking Zebes, they created their headquarters or main base, why did they call themselves "Zebesians"?

Please tell me why. Sakamoto: It's like how people who have emigrated samus America will call themselves Americans. Computer : It's gotten worse. The damage seems to have been caused by a creature kept here by the researchers, who named it Apparently, it was a bio-mechanical organism designed for military applications It possesses uncommon power and can manipulate gravity. We must assume that it's become an X-host. We have no choice. You must find it and defeat it. I can't confirm the location. Computer : Wait.

Wait a second More trouble. Thick bitch having sex pics on. I've isolated the cause. Samus, go to Sector 5. Madeline Bergman : What you met was MB. She's an android. She was created with the intellectual cartoon sexual of Mother Brain and consequently developed Mother Brain's consciousness as well.

Samus Aran : What?! Madeline Bergman : samus was the artificial intelligence originally developed to regenerate and control Space Pirate special forces. Because we wanted it to control these special forces through telepathy, we were forced to model its infrastructure after Mother Brain.

At that time, MB didn't have a human form. Before long we started to see the viability of creating Metroid clones. Once we did MB started to take on her current shape.

Madeline : Because we needed the first Metroid hatchling to recognize MB as its mother, she had to take on the form of a living thing. With that as our theoretical basis, we were able to create the ideal relationship with the Metroid.

One that wasn't based on dominance or control. Madeline : She developed emotions. Then a nascent sense of herself. She began asserting her own thoughts, and her opinions began to contradict ours.

It's quite typical for artificial intelligence to evolve as a result of self-analysis. However, there's no precedent for an AI like MB developing emotions. Samus narration : Once she felt abandoned and hunted by that same Madeline, MB telepathically commanded the special forces to revolt.

The facility fell into complete elegant angel porn and suffered widespread damage. It's possible all humans have become the target of her hatred.

List of media. Zero Mission Samus Returns. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 3: Corruption 4. Pinball Hunters Trilogy Federation Force. Nintendo Land. Book Category. Lists dark Nintendo characters. Star Fox. Categories : Lists of Nintendo characters Metroid characters Fiction about parasites. Hidden categories: CS1: long volume value CS1 maint: archived copy as title CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles with short description Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from May All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Articles containing Japanese-language text.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wasn't there already a Death Battle or two with a similar ending? Wiz: Well, surprisingly, this was an even match, and could've ended with either of them winning or losing. And while it is true that Dark Samus may've had more variety in her movepool, there were two things that SA-X had that resulted in it's victory. Wiz: Well the first advantage was it's ice beam. As we've mentioned before, Metroids are sensitive towards cold environments, and anything else cold related.

This also includes those that are Metroid hybrids. Even Samus herself stated that Monster cock anal girl is her deadliest foe at the very beginning of the game. She says at the beginning of the game, and I quote. Wiz: End quote. Now, if I'm not reading this statement wrong, then this must mean that if SA-X is suppose to be a more evil version of Samus, that means that it's, roughly, just as intelligent as Samus.

SA-X vs. Dark Samus | Death Battle Fanon Wiki | Fandom

And let's not forget, Samus managed to defeat Dark Samus at least six times, and all encounters she managed to pull it off, with her skills, her own wit and her weaponry. So, if SA-X is suppose to be a more heartless version of Samus, then that ultimately means that it's just as capable of defeating Dark Samus as well. Boomstick: Well, I guess you're right. After all, in every encounter with Dark Samus, Samus never ran away from her Dark Counterpart when she encountered her. Samus confront Dark Samus head-on.

And yet when anytime Samus encounter SA-X, minus the final encounter with it, instead of fighting SA-X, Samus just got the hell out of there, and hope she could survive.

Wiz: And let's not forget, according to the chronological order in the Ebony and white porn Timeline, Metroid Fusion is, currently, the last in the story.

Dark Samus vs SA-X - Battles - Comic Vine

So if Fusion takes place after the Prime series, that ultimately means that Samus has defeated Dark Samus on multiple occasion. And if SA-X is a more heartless version of Samus, then it should contain the memories of her, especially since it IS a parasite that leeched on Samus herself, that ultimately means that it contains the knowledge on how to defeat Dark Samus.

But like I said, this match could've gone either way, and with that ending, it looks like Dark Samus could eventually return for round two. Two sword wielding humanoid octopuses are going to battle samus other. But which is the stronger fighter? The Jedior The captain of the Flying Dutchman? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Dark Samus. Contents [ show ]. Who will be rooting for? The poll was created at on April 27,and so far 93 people voted.

Who do you want to win? The poll was created at on April 27,and so far 94 people voted. Who's your favorite Evil clone? The poll was created at on April 27,and so far people voted. Did you agree with the outcome of SA-X vs. The poll was teen xxx mov at on May dark,and so far 92 people voted. Categories :. Kit Fisto vs. Davy Jones. The SA-X.


dark samus vs sa x pov ass tube Dark Samus, andI think. Wildcard at best. But yeah, that's my opinion. There might be a good argument to be made for SA-X, but right now I can't think of one. I've been trying to make respect threads for Metroid characters, and I'm currently editing my ones for Gorea and Dark Samus.
dark samus vs sa x naked military girls SA-X vs. Am I seeing double, or are there two Samus Arans? Wiz: Actually you're not seeing double, you're not drunk, and you're technically not seeing Samus Aran. What you're actually seeing are two clones based on Samus Aran. Boomstick: And Dark Samus.
dark samus vs sa x mature women dressed and undressed tumblr She shoots Missiles faster, her Power Beam now Phazon Beam, although different from the Phazon Beam Samus gets in Metroid Prime has a "spray" effect, she can hover for indefinate periods, she has a powerful Phazon dive attack in effect turning herself into an invulnerable meteora Phazon shield, and an incredibly powerful Boost Ball attack. She can also render japanese double penetration invisible in the normal spectrum, meaning she can only be seen using the Dark Visor or Echo Visor. Who will take this one?? Sa-x isn't immune to phazon so I think it would hurt it a lot. Besides Sa-x also doesn't have the echo visor either so dark samus could keep disappearing after it attacked. Dark Samus is, after all, Metroid Prime, the strongest and best of all Metroids, and with the powers of Samus' Phazon Suit to boot, plus its newest Phazon abilities.
dark samus vs sa x gaging and puking on cock This is a list of notable fictional characters in Metroida series of video games developed by Nintendo. The Chozo are a mysterious and sage -like species featured throughout the Metroid series. The origins and age of the Chozo race and civilization are unknown, but they were once spread across several planets in the Metroid universe. Lore entries in Metroid Prime suggest that the race may have traveled to a higher plane of being as opposed to dying out. The Chozo were extremely advanced in technology, some say they could not be more advanced, but the pig hentia took pride in their elaborate statuary. They also exchanged knowledge with other species, including the Luminoth of Aether, the Reptilicus of Bryyo, and the Elysians of Elysia robots which the Chozo themselves built. Lore found in Metroid Prime 3 specifically mentions a fellowship of enlightened species that once existed between the Chozo, the Luminoth, the Reptilicus, and another race called the Ylla.
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