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bah humbug

Scrooge begs the spirit to change his fate.

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He promises to renounce his selfish, unkind ways. He promises to honor Christmas with his whole self. So the spirit takes him home.

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As the years tick by, he keeps true to his promise. He even treats Tiny Tim as his own. He gives gifts to the poor and treats his fellow human beings with kindness and respect.

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Christmas Eve finds mean old Ebenezer Scrooge counting coins in his counting-house. You might like to point people to grahamcluley. I hope you get as much fun from playing the games as I did writing them all those years ago. Why is Jasper the dentist so desperate that Grandad should sell the manor?

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Why has Grandad hidden a time machine in the cellar? Why does the octopus insist on performing the ancient ritual of Wubble-A-Gloop with you? What would you do with a trombone, a terrapin and half a pound of lard? Yes, quite.

Tips for American players Some non-British players of my games have struggled to understand some of the language used within them. Map A complete map, showing all the locations in Humbug. Good luck with the sales:clap: :clap:.

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Reminds me of one done years ago - of a goose, still in feathers, sitting on platter surrounded by apples and pears, with Santa hat on, and saying "Bah!! Great as always. I was going to ask what was up with the strange tail, but then I remembered the other British meaning of the word "humbug".

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Still laughing. I can only speak for the western US, but I've only heard the term in the context of my obsession with British TV and novels. Growing up, "humbug" was always just that word Scrooge said, and a word the older folks used to refer to a grumpy person.


bah humbug gif blonde hair pussy xxx He refuses to spend money on extra heating, so his clerk, Bob Cratchit, gets to freeze in the next room. Around the same time, two gentlemen ask Scrooge to donate money to charity. That night, in his cold house, Scrooge is visited by his dead business partner, Jacob Marley. As punishment for his Earthly sins, Marley must move about the Earth under the weight of chains. Marley wants Scrooge to avoid a similar fate.
bah humbug gif hand job japan All this, and more, is revealed in Humbug. Humbug is a major advance on Jacaranda Jimfeaturing far more locations and over objects. Make sure to read this incredibly detailed review of Humbug written in December by Joe Pranevich for the Adventure Gamer blog. Thanks Joe! File size: KBbytes.
bah humbug gif japanese milf pickup View Full Version : Baaa Humbug. A little early, but it pays to be prepared so I've been working on some Christmas cards. Here's the first. Dan has taken the words out of my mouth. Certainly agree. Great stuff.
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